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      Welcome to our site.

    Feel free to navigate through our pages and discover Isabel Matiella. You will find that we are a well-rounded artistic jewelry firm, founded in 1998. We take our artwork as a reflex of not just our creativity, talent and skill; but as a philosophy of life. Taking delight on creating new artwork, always experimenting with new materials and playing with different colors and styles. We believe that every jewelry piece we fabricate has a deeper significance in the context it´s embedded in; because sometimes it has served as ambassador of good will, a good excuse for a fundraising for some laudable cause and many times as the preface of romance.

    Jewels have been there for centuries. Throughout time, precious stones and metals have been used to adorn the human body, in clothing, decorative objects or constructions. Man has always shown a special taste for brilliance and light in jewels, ever since the first piece of gold was sculpted and the first diamond was cut. Some of the most celebrated objects have been immortalized in churches and museum collections around the world. And that we call art.

    If we track the presence of art in the form of jewels throughout the different civilizations and cultures, we can conclude it is an evident sign of development. Art thrives in greater measure when a society has solved its basic needs. Hence art has become a status symbol, not because its economic value -which fluctuates following the whims of the market- but because it points to something beyond things. It represents creativity, sophistication, emotions and passion; all trademarks of human existence.

    It was passion for art that started us in the first place, 14 years ago. And to this day we remain true to art. We enjoy every project. We sip every opportunity to develop a jewel and express our vision to the world. That is what you will find out when you decide to acquire one of the pieces of our repertoire.

    Again, welcome to Isabel Matiella.

    Our best regards.